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1840 masl




Kiambu County


SL28 and SL34


Gitwe Farmers Cooperative Society


Sept - Jan


Mar - Apr

The Karinga Factory sits at  an altitude of 1840 masl in the Thika District of Kiambu County and is part of the Gitwe Farmers Co-op which currently has about 500 active members. The Karinga Factory was established in 1983 and receives cherry from smallholders in the villages of Kimaruri, Kariungu, Gachuha and Mugalwa. The factory is unusual in that is sits in an area traditionally known for tea.

Karinga Coffee factory is run by Samwel Muteti the factory manager with 6 permanent member of staff and Casuals. The number of Casual staff varies from year to year depending on crop harvest.

After harvesting all the coffee is delivered to the factory and undergoes the wet processing method. Water is pumped from River Rwabura to the reservoir tanks for pulping and recycling of the water. In line with the rising awareness on the need to conserve the environment the factory has initiated a couple of projects among these are the waste water soak pits, of which the factory has only 5. Here the water is allowed to soak in back to the soil.

After pulping the coffee is stored overnight, washed, soaked and spread on the drying tables. The parchment is then frequently turned on the drying tables, sorted and stored awaiting delivery to the millers.