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1300-1450 masl




San Rafael del Norte, Jinotega




Domingo Vargas


November - January


February - April

La fuente has been in Domingo’s family for over a 150 years making it one of the oldest farms we work with. Despite ongoing political turmoil in the twentieth century the family has been able to maintain ownership of the land, unlike many others whose land were taken away during times of war. However, it was not easy and the Nicaraguan civil war played a large role in the farm’s history. The high elevations and dense forests made the farm a hideout for contras who would attack the nearby road from the coffee plantations. Domingo told me thathe recalls bullets flying through the house when he was a kid, a shocking reality.

Although the farm is still owned by many different family members, Doming is in charge of the farm. Two years ago he took over from his nephew and started a focus on quality coffee. The high level of organization at the farm made the change a breeze and the results are already showing. His caturra reached 87 points, an enormous reward for the effort and faith Domingo has put in specialty coffee.

Domingo now want to continue these efforts and replace his cattle with coffee and increase the focus on quality. Although the farm spans 84 hectares, only a small percentage is used for agriculture, the rest belongs to the mountain Domingo says. The preserved forest also provides opportunities: although coffee is great, diversification is also important. The potential of tourism has caught Domingo’s attention.

One friday afternoon, Domingo showed up at the coffee receiving station in Jinotega with a big surprise: 4 bags of Geisha. With much enthusiasm we received his coffee and obviously started asking questions. A visit to his farm was inevitable and first thing on the next morning we took off the visit what might be the only producing Geisha lot in Nicaragua.

Turns out that Domingo’s nephew planted Geisha 12 years ago on the highest part of the farm, success stories from Panama had inspired him to do something similar. Unfortunately, due to the lack of connections to the specialty market the coffee’s potential was never recognized. Until now. With much awe I admired the promised Geisha trees. The lot spans about 1 hectare in size at 1450 meter above sea level, the terrain is hardly accessible and require expert picking techniques. With a total of 8 bags this makes for a truly unique and exceptional coffee.